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Next Youth Workshop coming up this summer

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Annual Spring Sales Event #1- March 29, 2017
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Annual Spring Sales Event #2- April 11, 2017
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Brian Show Lambs is a family owned business that is focused on great sheep, fair prices, and developing the "Champions of Tomorrow" through comprehensive education and support. Come grow with us!

about us

Have you ever heard the old saying, “You can take the boy/girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the boy/girl”?

We were both raised up farming and ranching, left the farms, got educated (in more ways than one), made some good and bad choices along the way, and both wound up back in the area that we were raised up in! Sound familiar?

Even though we now live, work, and raise show lambs in Yuma, CO., our story first begins in Hobbs, NM.

I am now a Petroleum Geologist/Environmental Manager/Safety Professional for an Oil Company. My wife and I are also both professional educators with “agricultural blood” flowing through our veins!

In an attempt to reconnect to “our roots”, we bought property there upon which is a small Pistachio Orchard. I say “small”, but yet still large enough that I finally got tired of mowing 10 hours every weekend on a riding lawnmower under the trees!

We decided that going into the sheep business was the solution to our problem, and bought 10 bred ewes from James Duffey (Roswell, NM) and 10 bred ewes from Jerry and Wade Franklin (Tucumcari, NM). We currently have approximately 60 ewes.

Over the years, we have continued to build upon Duffey, Franklin, Miller, Still, Massey genetics, and others. Recently, we have begun to add genetics from Glasscock, Schminke, Greiner, Nathan/Langemeir, and N & H Livestock, just to mention a few.

We strive to produce a “Quality” product at a “Fair” price!

Being successful in the “Show Lamb Business” requires other investments than just animals!! It requires an investment in the community, families, and the young people!

We don’t just sell the kids lambs and say “Good Luck,” and “Come Back and See Us Next Year!”

As professional educators, we believe that the proper foundation begins with proper education and support. As a result, we have developed a total program of support and training for all purchaser’s of our lambs, all at no cost!

Thanks for checking us out, and please do not hesitate to contact us to learn about our lambs, our programs for the kids, and just to hear the “Rest of the Story”!


Just a little history....we started small (20 ewes), and it has taken us 7 years to build up to 70 ewes.
We are still a small breeder!

So far, every year we have had either a Champion or Reserve Champion, or both, somewhere.

During the first 6 years (2014 excluded) we have had:

8 Grand/Reserve Champions
15 Division Champions
22 Class Winners

2014 Results:

Phillips County, CO
Grand Champion
Reserve Champion- Heavy weight
Champion Carcass
Lincoln County, NE
Reserve Champion Weather
Reserve Champion Lightweight
Logan County, CO
Class Winner- Lightweight
Class Winner-Heavyweight
2nd Place-Heavyweight
3rd Place-Lightweight
Yuma County, CO
Reserve Champion Lightweight
Jackpot-Grover, CO
Grand Champion
Reserve Champion




current sires >

Franklin #95 x Best Yet
Warhorse x Jester


reference sires >

Huddle Up
Maker x 4-D Large
No Deal
All Inn x Primetime
Winfrey 22 x (Leo x Leo)
Armani son x Caesar daughter


for sale

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Annual Spring Sales Event #1- March 29, 2017
Hosted at - Click for Details

Annual Spring Sales Event #2- April 11, 2017
Details to come!

It is Breading Season!!  We want to "Thank" Brian Lambright for the opportunity to breed a group of ewes to Huddle UP & Eager Beaver for our 2016 lamb crop!!!

Eager Beaver

Eager Beaver

Huddle Up


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Jerry & Jan Brian
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